All my clients sites are hosted on fast, powerful and reliable Linux servers, powered by Dual Xeon processors. I take the time to look at which of my hosting plans best matches your needs. 


All of the hosting packages come complete with email accounts rich in features, such as:

- POP3/IMAP – Create your own email accounts.
- Webmail – Access your email accounts through the internet.
- Email Forwarding – Setup email forwarders.
- Mailing Lists – Setup mailing lists for news letters, etc.
- Spam Assassin Help – you cut down the spam sent to you.
- Auto Responders – You can send a response automatically.

Domain name registration
I will produce a list of all the domains available based around your business name and any other words that you may wish to use, taking the stress out of picking that perfect domain.

Name server update
Already have a domain? If you want to, you can keep your domain with your current provider and just point the domain name to my domain name servers (DNS). This means I will be providing the hosting service only and would not be responsible for the renewal of your domain name.


To find out more about our hosting, please complete my contact form.